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Our Story

Nicky Jagger's foray into body care started simply enough. Discontent at the lack of natural and safe but also high performing body care options, she took it upon herself to develop Raw Nature: a global award-winning range of plant-powered body care products that are kind to you and the planet - Plus New Zealand's first company to develop deodorants, lip balms, perfume in cardboard tubes.


Comprising a range of natural deodorants, lip care, natural perfume, moisturisers, hair care and more, our clean, toxic-free formulations harness the power of natural ingredients for a safe body care experience. Designed to leave you smelling great and feeling confident throughout the day with special attention on high performance.


Since Raw Nature inception, sustainability has been at the forefront of product development. Here's how we are taking action to minimise our impact on the environment:

📦 All products are packaged entirely plastic-free.
🐇 Raw Nature is certified vegan & cruelty-free.
🌿 Uses 100% natural and toxic-free ingredients.
💧 All of their products are waterless.
🌴 All products are free from palm oil.


Beyond our thorough environmental agenda, Raw Nature is also a force for social good through our various charitable initiatives. Actively supporting many charities including Ecologi, Tress That Count, Sustainable Coastlines & The Good Fund.


Nicky and her family have a love of nature and passion for the environment, and believe that today’s brands and businesses have a responsibility to go further than merely ‘do no harm’.  We hope you love the products as much as we enjoy developing them.

 Nicky Jagger


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