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New Years Clean Skin Care Resolutions

New Years Clean Skin Care Resolutions

It’s a new year and it’s the perfect time to implement some clean skin care resolutions that will change your skin this year and for  years to come!

Here at the Raw Nature HQ we’re all about safe, powerful, plant-based products that are kind on your body and the planet… 

So it was SO exciting when we were awarded Safe Cosmetics Australia’s NetZero Certified™ tick of approval for sustainable cosmetics!

This means that we’ve done our part in sourcing ethical ingredients, biodegradable & recyclable packaging, as well as avoiding plastic & toxic chemicals that pollute the environment, and we’ve been able to prove that beauty doesn’t have to cost the earth - or your health. 

So if 2023 will be your year to turn over a new (sustainable) leaf and only using all-natural skincare products, start right here with us. These are our picks for creating the ultimate clean skincare regime: 



This is the key to staying confident and fresh all day long - naturally - with our aluminum-free deodorant.  Its powerful key ingredients work to prevent odour and reduce sweating. This is not an antiperspirant and it won't block your sweat glands!


“Will my body adjust to natural deodorant and how long will it take?”, you ask? 


Here's what to expect when you first transition:

Week 1: At first it all goes well.

Week 2: Armpit bacteria begins to change, you may notice armpit odour.  Most people give up at this stage thinking it isn't working for them.  But be patient.

Week 3: Armpit bacteria begins to re-balance.

Week 4: You should have fully adjusted now.

Solid Moisturiser


Raw Nature’s Solid Moisturiser is formulated with nourishing mango butter and organic sunflower oil to create a body butter that's easy to use and smells delicious!

So you can expect all of these benefits - and then some…:

  1. They are completely free of water, so no nasty preservatives. 
  2. It's filled with botanical ingredients only. 
  3. It's packed with a powerful blend of oils that work to nourish the skin.
  4. Our formulations are super concentrated, so you truly get the full benefit of the ingredients we use. 


These benefits apply not only to our Solid Moisturiser but to ALL Raw Nature products! 

Bug repellent


For the outdoor adventurers, try our award winning outdoor balm: made with a heavenly combination of citronella, rosemary and cedarwood essential oils, it’ll keep creepy crawlies at bay.


Here are some tips for when you get started:

  1. Use on an existing bite to help soothe it.
  2. Leave it uncapped beside your bed at night for added protection.
  3. The scent is a very pleasant woody smell and not overpowering. It contains no water so won’t leak in your bag.
  4. Using a DEET-free stick repellent may take some time to get used to but it's totally worth giving up the overwhelming toxic stench of bug repellent sprays, especially when there is food around!

Natural Perfume + Cologne


Our Natural perfume is beauty and wellness in one.  Hand poured and blended, our all-natural solid perfumes deliver a gorgeous burst of scent. 

Made locally in New Zealand (of course) with all natural essential oils.


All you have to do is apply it liberally to your pulse points; neck, temple, wrist, elbows, and even behind the knees. And what's more, each tube gives you between 300-400 applications!


It fits easily in your purse or pocket, so grab it and reapply as needed throughout the day.


Now go on, give you skin the natural love it deserves! 

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